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Swedish Innovation

​​​​​​​The Government wants to strengthen Sweden’s innovative capacity and climate for innovation so as to contribute to sustainable development and establish conditions to create new jobs throughout the country.

In Sweden, cooperation between the business sector, academia, and the public sector has long been a powerful means of solving problems and bridging the challenges facing our society.
Flag on car seatFlag on car seat
Flag on car seat
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Sweden has long fostered innovation and entrepreneurship. Key factors are the need for export and to be competitive since Sweden is a rather small country. Other factors are social stability and access to government support, as well as a high degree of equality. Education and research in combination with a well-functioning infrastructure have been vital to Sweden’s development – from railways to telecommunications and broadband. The broadband strategy aims to get all of Sweden connected to high-speed internet by 2025.

The Swedish Institute and the website is an excellent source for information about innovation.


From adjustable wrenches to digital doctors, here are 10 Swedish innovations.

1. Adjustable wrench
A staple in many toolboxes, the adjustable wrench or spanner, also popularly called ‘Monkey wrench‘ or ‘English key’

2. Digital doctors
Swedish startups are leading the way in the global development of digital healthcare. KRY is a doctor–patient app that lets doctors and psychologists meet patients over video. 

3. Einride
Diesel-fueled freight trucks remain one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions.     

4. The Karma app
Via the app, supermarkets, restaurants and cafés can offer products that are about to expire at half price, instead of throwing them away.

5. Life-saving drones
In December 2021, an autonomous drone helped save a life in Sweden. 

6. Oat milk
Swedish brand Oatly is perhaps best known for its non-dairy milk alternative.

7. Pacemaker
In 1958, Rune Elmqvist developed a battery-run artificial pacemaker, which was used for the very first pacemaker operation done by surgeon.

8. Three-point seatbelt
The three-point seatbelt was developed by Swedish inventor and safety engineer Nils Bohlin in 1959 for Volvo.

9. The walking frame
An invention that has made life easier for elderly and disabled people since the late 1970s. 

10. Zip
The modern-day zip as we know it was improved upon and developed by Swedish–American inventor Gideon Sundbäck from an earlier less effective model in 1913.


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