Summer School in Sweden

Study in Sweden This Summer

Attending summer school in Sweden is not just an exciting educational journey; it's a chance to immerse yourself in the unique and vibrant Swedish lifestyle during the beautiful summertime. You'll have the opportunity to explore Sweden's rich history, savor its delicious cuisine, and make lasting connections with fellow students from around the world.

​​​​​​​We've collected information about summer courses from our SIREUS member universities below. Don't miss out on this unique chance to study in Sweden during a shorter period of time!


University of Gothenburg Summer School for Sustainability

The University of Gothenburg's International Summer School provides you with the opportunity to deepen your understanding of global challenges and what it takes to achieve sustainable development, alongside students from around the world. In addition to your coursework, you'll have the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive program featuring guest lectures, interdisciplinary seminars, site visits, and hands-on workshops. 

All courses are at bachelor's level and taught in English.

The courses offered summer 2024 are:
  • Biodiversity in Western Sweden
  • Managing Migration
  • Digitalisation in a Changing World
  • Teaching Sustainable Development from a Global Perspective
  • Imagining justice for a sustainable world: perspectives from fiction, philosophy and religion

Important information:

The courses are open for students from our partner universities and for Swedish and international students who are eligible to apply for courses through the Swedish national system or You find information about how and when to apply as an exchange student from our partner universities below.

You will be able to get accepted for one 7,5 credits (ECTS) course.

Contact Anna Bellomi and Elin Fransson for more information: [email protected]
The Summer School for Sustainability is grounded in Agenda 2030 and the global sustainability goals. Over an educational and inspiring summer month, you'll gain an international experience  alongside exchange students from around the world. You'll take a five-week course (7.5 ECTS) and participate in a program featuring a variety of activities, all with a focus on sustainable development. Being a student in Gothenburg is a fantastic experience: discover a diverse range of eco-friendly stores, vegan cafes, and second-hand shops. The city's natural landscapes are easily accessible by bike or tram, providing excellent options for hiking, paddling, and various outdoor activities during the summer.

The summer school takes place between June 28 and August 2, 2024. (International students have Arrival Day on June 27.) 

Don't miss out on this exciting academic journey – enroll now to make the most of your summer and contribute to a sustainable future!

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Apply for Jönköping University's Summer Course!

Enhance both your academic and practical knowledge while immersing yourself in an international setting, and gain insights into Swedish culture through an enriching program of cultural and social activities. The JU Summer School offers instruction in English, providing a unique opportunity to broaden your perspectives and experiences. Prospective students interested in the summer school are encouraged to engage in the entire program. This comprehensive package encompasses a pick-up service, accommodation, a welcome lunch, a farewell dinner, company visits, and a range of social and cultural activities. Embracing the entirety of the program ensures a holistic and immersive experience!

All courses are at bachelor's level and taught in English.

The course offered during summer 2024 is:

-Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective, 10 credits
3 June - 28 June, 2024

The aim of this course is to give advanced knowledge of logistics in purchasing and supply chain management with a global perspective. The focus is on the purchasing functions importance for the company result. During previous Summer School's, company visits to IKEA and Husqvarna AB, well renowned Swedish international companies, have taken place. The company visit for this summer will be confirmed upon the start of the course.

Important information:

Students applying to the summer school are recommended to participate in the whole programme. The programme includes pick-up service, accommodation, welcome lunch and farewell dinner, company visits, as well as social and cultural activities.

Prerequisites and language requirments:
- 60 ECTS credits first cycle/undergraduate/bachelor courses in industrial engineering or business administration or computer information systems or equivalent.
- Fluency in English: The home university guarantees a student's fluency in English.
Read more about the language requirements here: language requirements.
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Experience summer in Sweden

The social and cultural activities package includes a trip to one of Sweden’s best-preserved castles from the 16th century in Vadstena, a trip to Gränna; a charming city where traditional Swedish peppermint candy canes are handmade, a visit to the ruins of Brahehus Castle, after-school activities, a Swedish Midsummer celebration and much more!

Enroll now to embark on a journey of knowledge, culture, and professional growth in Jönköping, Sweden!


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