Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is viewed as instrumental in coping with organizational and societal challenges, such as demographic changes, budget difficulties, growing complexity and interconnections of digital legacy. Digital transformation is everywhere, and no sector is immune to its effects. It has been hailed as a means of reconstructing organizations and having a profound impact on society. Digital transformation is a never-ending process of redesigning the enterprise through the adoption and use of digital solutions.

“Digital transformation is characterized by a fusion of advanced technologies and the integration of physical and digital systems, the predominance of innovative business models and new processes, and the creation of smart products and services.”

European Commission (2019)
The benefits of digital transformation can be significant, such as increased efficiency, improved decision-making and enabled innovation. Digital transformation, on one hand, influences society by monitoring and informing human behavior and, on the other hand, enabling and enhancing new practices. Both aspects impact human behavior and, in turn, have consequences for the individual, organizational environment, and society at large. It involves the adoption of digital technologies, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, to create new business models, products, and services. It requires a shift from traditional ways of doing business to more agile and data-driven approaches. Due to the continues process of digital transformation organizations facing challenges in structure, culture and mindset, leadership, and employees’ roles and digital skills as well as a willingness to simultaneously explore and exploit new opportunities, to delivering value to society.
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