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A Collaborative Project Between Swedish and American Universities

SIREUS is a collaborative project between Swedish and American universities, mapping synergies and promoting knowledge exchange between the two nations. SIREUS creates the opportunity for students to gain international experience, strengthen abilities and build knowledge. Spending a semester abroad is both culturally and academically enriching, and enables self-awareness, curiosity, and tolerance. On this page, you will find information regarding how your university is involved in SIREUS, as well as existing partnerships between your university and its transatlantic counterpart(s).

SIREUS Swedish Member Universities - Disciplines

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SACC-USA Talent Mobility Program

As part of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, SIREUS also collaborates with the SACC-USA Talent Mobility Program. Within the two-way program, SACC-USA offers internships in Sweden for American students and internships in the United States for Swedish students. Doing an internship abroad not only expands cultural and knowledge exchange, but it also provides a competitive edge to your CV. As a student, you are welcome to explore and apply to the Talent Mobility internships which are published here.

How is your university involved in SIREUS?

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