For Research Funding in the U.S.

As a Swedish researcher looking for funding in the U.S., there are many options that may be applicable to you. Therefore, SIREUS has summarized relevant information for Swedish researchers, and this information can be found below.

The Sweden-America Foundation

The Sweden-America foundation is designed specifically for Swedish PhD students and researchers that aim to pursue research in the US. It offers 6–12-month scholarships with a September 15 application deadline, as well as nominates candidates to two partner organizations with varying deadlines. 

SWEA International

SWEA International grants three scholarships. One of which specifically targets research in the field of Swedish language, literature, and/or culture, and another which fund studies of intercultural relations. This scholarship opportunity is intended for researchers outside of Swedish universities, and the application deadline is set for January 15th. 

Fulbright scholar program 

The Fullbright Scholar Program primarily provides funding opportunities for U.S. citizens to engage in teaching, research, and professional projects conducted abroad. Examples of scholar awards include the Global Scholar Awards, Public Policy Fellowships, and Distinguished Scholar Awards, among others. Non-U.S. citizens are also eligible to apply for similar programs. The application deadline for U.S. citizens is fixed on September 15th, whereas the deadline for non-U.S. citizens varies depending on the specific program. 

American Scandinavian Foundation 

The American-Scandinavian Foundation offers grants and fellowships across all fields of studies, targeting individual American and Scandinavian researchers, as well as American universities and non-profit organizations. The fellowship deadline for American applicants is set for November 1st, while the deadline for Scandinavian applicants falls on April 1st 


The Swedish Research Council Formas is promoting research within the fields of environment, agricultural sciences, and spatial planning. Its funding priorities include researcher-initiated calls, with an application deadline of March 30th, as well as targeted calls that may have varying deadlines. Formas targets both Swedish and American universities, researchers, companies, and other relevant entities. 


Vinnova, a Swedish governmental authority, provides funding for research and innovation projects that have a positive impact on society. Applications are open to researchers, institutions, companies, and other stakeholders from both Sweden and the US. The specific application deadlines for funding opportunities vary depending on the specific call. 

Royal Swedish Academy of Science 

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences provides scholarships and four research grants tailored for doctoral researchers, senior researchers, and others from both Sweden and the US. Specializing in funding initiatives within the domains of medicine, mathematics, and clinical research. The application deadline for these opportunities varies depending on the call. 

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation 

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation provides support for long-term basic research in the fields of medicine, technology, and natural science. The foundation targets junior and senior researchers and research projects from both Sweden and the US. The specific application deadline for funding opportunities varies depending on the call.