Electromobility, also known as e-mobility, refers to the use of electric propulsion for a wide range of transportation types such as cars, buses, and bicycles, as an alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Electromobility is a vital theme of the green transition, as it is fundamentally decreasing greenhouse gas air pollution and emissions, and even reducing the dependence on non-renewable sources of energy. Recently, the utilization of electromobility has been growing rapidly. Most automakers around the world are investing in the development and production of electric vehicles, and many countries are setting ambitious targets for the electrification of their transportation systems. The advantage of electromobility is not only about increasing the vehicles that are environmentally friendly, but also create new job opportunities in the infrastructure, Manufactuing and service sector. However, one of the main challenges of electromobility is that there is a need for expanding charging infrastructure.  

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