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August 16th, 2022

Introducing the SIREUS Summer | Fall 2022 interns.

A warm welcome to Louise Andersson, marketing; and web development intern, SIREUS.

Get to know more about Louise and her role at SIREUS! ⭐
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August 16th, 2022

Introducing the SIREUS Summer | Fall 2022 interns.

Warm welcome Louise Murphy, project management intern at SIREUS.

Get to know Louise in the following slides, where she will tell you more about herself and her role at SIREUS! ⭐
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August 16th, 2022

Introducing the SIREUS Summer | Fall 2022 interns.

Meet SIREUS' project management intern, Hanna Bergman
Learn more about Hanna in the following slides and her role at SIREUS! ⭐

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May 27th, 2022

SIREUS launched website for the three-year-long project

“The launch of the website is another milestone for the SIREUS program”, says Christer Bergman, SIREUS Program Director. “The rapid development of the website has been possible due to the experienced and highly skilled staff at Pinevision Design Studio”, The Swedish company with a local office in Silicon Valley. Bergman continues; “Another contributor to the website development and for our future social media strategy is Dr. Niklas Myhr, Professor at Chapman University in Irvine California. He is also known as the Social Media Professor."
The website will be integral part to collaboration between universities in Sweden and the U.S. It will facilitate bilateral innovation and research projects, which ultimately will help universities, students, and researchers. The website will focus on knowledge exchange in innovation, science, and entrepreneurship and increased talent mobility for students and researchers between Sweden and the U.S.
February 16th, 2022

Mid Sweden University cooperates with SACC-USA

"We see this as an important springboard to strengthen Mid Sweden University’s relations with the world outside Europe as well, and in a way that enables all different parts of our operations to find their entrance to the project" - Anna Lindahl, Head of International Relations Office at Mid Sweden University.
MId Sweden University LogoMId Sweden University Logo
MId Sweden University Logo
February 15th, 2022


The Swedish American Chambers of Commerce of the USA (SACC-USA) is thrilled to announce the launch of SIREUS, a three year long collaborative project between SACC-USA and 12 Swedish universities. The project is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, DC and the Swedish Institute, and will establish and operate a structured platform for increased talent mobility and knowledge exchange between Sweden and the USA in the areas of innovation, research and entrepreneurship.