SIREUS Texas Innovation Tour

Published February 26th 2024 by Sarah Pålsson, SIREUS

Exploring Texas: Five Days of Research and Innovation

A few weeks ago representatives from SIREUS’s member universities attended the SIREUS Texas Innovation Tour, spanning four cities in the state. It was a productive tour where the Lone Star State showcased its exceptional universities and research centers.
On February 5-9th SIREUS hosted the SIREUS Innovation Tour in Texas. During the tour, Christer Bergman, Program Director at SIREUS, was joined by a delegation from the Innovation Offices of six major Swedish universities, along with Dr. Maria Brogren, Head of the Office of Science and Innovation at the Embassy of Sweden to the United States.

Texas, historically reliant on the oil and gas industry as a cornerstone of its economy, remains the largest oil producer in the U.S. Nonetheless, Texas has demonstrated an impressive commitment to diversifying its economic base and embracing innovation. This transformation makes Texas an ideal location for SIREUS to achieve its goal of identifying opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaborative projects between Sweden and the U.S., fostering international innovation partnerships.

The SIREUS Texas Innovation Tour aimed to cultivate relationships between Swedish and Texan universities and their innovation offices. Key objectives included gaining insights into the innovation processes of American universities and their strategies for bringing ideas to market, particularly in the realm of deep tech research.

The tour included visits at visits to San Antonio (UTSA and City of San Antonio), Austin (UT at Austin), College Station (Texas A&M), and Houston (TMS Innovation Center, ION Innovation Center, Rice University, and the University of Houston).

Participant Feedback from the Tour:

"Met many businesses and got to see variety in the work with innovation, utilization, and commercialization"

"Got a good picture of the academic innovation support system"

"Well organized and well planned"

The Swedish Delegation

Christer Bergman,
Program Director at SIREUS

Dr. Maria Brogren,
Head of the Office of Science and Innovation at the Embassy of Sweden to the United States

Heini Karlström,
Mälardalen University

Ivo Todorov,
Stockholm University

Malin Graffner Nordberg, Uppsala University

Marita Holst,
Luleå University of Technology

Sten Wigert,
Mid Sweden University

Thomas Rundqvist,
Lund University
The Team Arriving at Texas A&M University, in College Station, Texas.