Democracy and Humanities

Humanities refers to the study of humans in the individual, cultural, societal and experiential sense. Humanities studies help us understand ourselves, others and the world. On the other hand, democracy is a way of governing which depends on the will of the people. The democracy concept initiated from the Greek "demos", meaning people, and "kratos" meaning power. Thus, democracy can be thought of as "power of the people". Democracy and humanities are closely related as they both assure the importance of human agency. Democracy is a political system that values the participation and representation of the people, while humanities are academic disciplines that focus on human culture, history, language, and expression. Simply put, the humanities help people to develop their ability for empathy and communication, which are fundamental for obtaining a democratic. This happens by engaging with diverse perspectives and cultures through literature, art, and language, individuals can learn to appreciate the unique experiences and values of others. 

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