Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine Precision medicine refers to a form of medicine that utilizes information about a patient's own genes or proteins to prevent, diagnose, or treat disease. Precision medicine, sometimes known as "personalized medicine". It is an innovative approach to tailoring disease prevention and treatment that takes into account differences in patient's genes, environments, and lifestyles. 
For example, in cancer, precision medicine uses specific information about a patient's tumor to help make a diagnosis, plan treatment, find out how well treatment works, or make a prognosis. Most medical treatments are designed for the "average patient" as a one-size-fits-all-approach, which may be successful for some patients but not for others.  For example for some types of cancer, testing the cancer cells for specific gene or protein changes can affect treatment options. This is often what people mean when they refer to “precision medicine.” Gene or protein changes can affect how a cancer responds to specific treatments. 

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