Equality and Equity

Gender equity refers to fairness and justice in the distribution of benefits, power, resources and responsibilities between all genders. It is about the means and measures society puts in place to help all genders reach their rights regarding socio economic opportunities, civil rights, and other positive life outcomes. The concept recognizes that genders have different needs, power and access to resources, and that these differences should be identified and addressed in a manner that rectifies the imbalance between the sexes. Although gender equity and gender equality are often used synonymously but they are distinct concepts.  
Gender equality refers to the absence of discrimination based on a person’s sex in opportunities, allocation of resources or benefits, and access to services. It means that no one is at a disadvantage because of their gender; it is the result that, ideally, can be made possible by policies aimed at gender equity. Simply put, gender equity is how societies can achieve gender equality. 

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