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About SIREUS |​​​​​​​ Participating Universities

SIREUS - a platform enabling research, innovation, and entrepreneurship collaboration between Swedish and American universities.

The project builds on SACC-USA’s bilateral business and talent network and addresses needs identified in collaboration with Swedish universities. Thirteen Swedish universities are participating. The Embassy of Sweden in Washington D.C, and the Swedish Institute support the project by providing advice and contacts.

How is your university involved in SIREUS?

Check out the participating universities here. Can’t find your university?
If you think your university should get involved, we encourage you to contact your student administration and inform them about SIREUS.

We look forward to welcoming more Swedish and American research partners. You can contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

SIREUS ENTREPRENEURS forum 2023, Colorado

SIREUS Entrepreneurs ForumSIREUS Entrepreneurs Forum

On February 13th, four top Swedish University' representatives from Linköpings University, Lund University, Stockholms University, and Uppsala University, together with their eight venture start-up companies, flew over the Atlantic to participate in SIREUS first inter-mountain conference in Colorado Boulder and Denver.

This event was in conjunction with Destination Start-up by the University of Colorado Boulder. During one week inspirational speakers from the fields of artificial intelligence, life science, and clean technology presented for the startup companies; Empatik AIEnphasys, IRONIC BIOTECHInceptronMind Intelligence LabTIRmed Pharma, Ossigel, and ViruBustor. The goal of the event was to offer start-up companies opportunities to network and connect with established entrepreneurs, investors, and specialists from the local area of Colorado to help grow their businesses and establish themselves in the U.S.  

Research collaboration and visiting research positions

Universities and individual researchers from participating universities can share ongoing research projects with the aim of identifying suitable research collaborators. Academic partners are also encouraged to open up visiting research positions that can enhance collaboration.

Identification of funding opportunities

SIREUS also strives to list private and public scholarships for studies and research that are available in both countries. These can facilitate enhanced knowledge sharing through research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

Collaboration with other organizations

SIREUS will interact with organizations with similar visions, interests, and activities. One of the organizations is the STARS Network (Swedish Trans-Atlantic Researchers & Scho­lars Network).

STARS's mission is “to connect academics, entrepreneurs, scientists, and students in North America with a heritage or interest in Sweden.”
STARS organize networking events and professional development opportunities with the goal of inspiring more interdisciplinary research collaborati­ons and facilitate scientific exchange betwe­en North America and Sweden. They also host an information hub harboring relocation, funding, and academic advice resources to support STARS members’ professional development.

Text from STARS Network

Interested to learn more or to join the network, click here ->