Insights from SACC-Summit 2023

Published September 28th 2023, Text by Edith Malmberg, SIREUS

About SACC-Summit

Each year, the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce (SACC) hosts a Summit event that facilitates economic expansion and business between the United States and Sweden. This year the annual event took place at Autoliv Americas headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. As a part of SACC-USA, SIREUS had the opportunity to take part during the event which underscored the importance of innovation, collaboration and progress within automation and digital manufacturing. 

Smart, Safe & Sustainable

This year the event focused on safe, smart and sustainable solutions within automation and digital manufacturing. The event featured several engaging speakers and panel discussions about Swedish-American relations, sustainable practices and collaboration within innovation and research. The event also gave participants further insight into the technological advances of Sweden’s business. Not only is the U.S. Sweden’s largest trading partner outside the EU, but Swedish companies also create over 350,000 job opportunities in the U.S.

​​​​​​​As a part of SACC-USA, SIREUS was present at the annual summit event.
The international auto show DetroitThe international auto show Detroit
International Auto Show Detroit
Image of cars at the auto show
Presentation of Triple Helix ModelPresentation of Triple Helix Model
Charon Morgan presents at SACC-Summit
Charon presents Autolivs work to an audience


How collaboration saves lives

At Autoliv, collaboration is an enabler for saving more lives and creating a sustainable future. By teaming up with universities, policymakers, and industry partners, Autoliv can come up with new ideas and practices that lead to innovative products and services. These innovations help us save lives and create a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future for everyone.

The Triple Helix Model and its benefits

Charon Morgan, Vice President of Engineering at Autoliv Americas presented Autoliv’s work with the Triple Helix Model. The Triple Helix Model is a framework used in innovation studies and economic development to describe and analyze the interactions between three key actors in a knowledge-based economy: universities, industry, and government. The model suggests that innovation thrives when these three spheres interact and collaborate effectively. It emphasizes the importance of partnerships and knowledge exchange between universities, industry, and government.

Autoliv Americas headquarters in Detroit Autoliv Americas headquarters in Detroit
Autoliv America

Finding areas of mutual interest between Sweden and the U.S.

Among the speakers at the Summit Event were former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden Tom Siebert, Jonas Wendel, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Swedish Embassy and Karin Hammar, Executive Director of SACC-USA. The panel discussed NATO and Swedish-American relations in the 21st century.

Panel discussionPanel discussion
Jonas Wendel, Tom Siebert and Karin Hammar
Panel talk about NATO and trade
Ford Piquette Plant AvenueFord Piquette Plant Avenue
Ford Piquette Plant
Ford Plant in Detroit

Experiencing history at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

​​​​​​​As an integral component of the Summit Program, an excursion was arranged to the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant situated in Detroit, Michigan. This historic site holds a distinctive position as one of the original facilities of the Ford Motor Company and is renowned as the birthplace of the iconic Model T automobile.The visit to this historically significant automotive establishment affords a greater understanding of the substantial advancements achieved within manufacturing and automation, underscoring the remarkable progress we have made during the last century.

The SIREUS Project

Our interns were on site to present SIREUS, briefly updating the audience on the project’s progress. Since its start last year, the SIREUS project has gained great momentum. By establishing a platform of cooperation for universities, researchers and innovators, SIREUS strives to promote Trans-Atlantic collaboration within innovation, research and academia. This year's summit highlights the importance of cooperation and knowledge exchange within automation and innovation, especially in terms of sustainability.

We thank Autoliv Americas, SACC-USA and SACC-Detroit for creating an amazing event! 
The team at SACC SummitThe team at SACC Summit
Group of interns at Summit
Photo of our interns with Karin Hammar and Viveka Rydell
Speaking at SACC SummitSpeaking at SACC Summit
SIREUS on stage
Interns Johanna and Edith speak at Summit
SIREUS Project Management Associate Johanna Schoug and Marketing Associate Edith Malmberg

Speakers at SACC-Summit 2023:

  • Jonas Wendel, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington D.C., Tom Siebert, Former Ambassador of the United States to Sweden, Karin Hammar, Executive Director of the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce
  • Keith Brandis, Vice President, Partnerships & Strategic solutions at Volvo Group and David Muyres, Chief Commercial officer and co-founder of Streetscope
  • Anna Throne-Holst, President of SACC-NY
  • Jack Richardville, General Manager, Atlas Copco and Ronnie Pollack, Business Line Manager at Atlas Copco
  • Michael Salter, Senior Program Manager, Green Transition Initiative
  • Mike Dugan, Regional Sales Manager, Michigan, Axis Communications
  • Johanna Schoug and Edith Malmberg from SIREUS
  • Maureen Krauss, Chief Executive Officer, Detroit regional partnership
  • Charon Morgan, Vice President of Engineering, Autoliv Americas
  • Isak Löfgren, KASI Technologies

​​​​​​​Text by Edith Malmberg, SIREUS

More about the SIREUS Project

​​​​​​​SIREUS, a collaboration between The Swedish American Chambers of Commerce (SACC-USA) and 13 Swedish universities, focuses on knowledge exchange in innovation, science, and entrepreneurship, as well as talent mobility for students and researchers between Sweden and the U.S. The Embassy of Sweden in Washington, D.C., and the Swedish Institute support the project through advice and contacts.   

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