Participating Universities


Welcome Speech

Erik Renström

Vice-Chancellor at Lund University
Alumni, University of Gothenburg

Maria Brogren

Head of Office of Science and Innovation, Counselor at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington D.C
Alumni, Uppsala University


Keynote Speakers

Michael Andersson

President and CEO, SAAB North America
Alumni, Uppsala University

Leah Scheunemann

Deputy Director,
Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security Transatlantic Security Initiative


Ana Luiza Almeida e Silva

University of Gothenburg

Poornima Joshi

Chalmers University of Technology

Aidan McGirr

Linköping University

Loni Cortez Russell

Lund University

Closing Remarks

Christer Bergman

Program director, SIREUS
Alumni, Lund University

Lina Solander

International Officer, Uppsala University
Alumni, Uppsala University

Chef Mikko

Nordic Fine Food