Ann-Charlotte Larsson

Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Bioenergy Technology,
Department of Built Environment and Energy Technology  

Linnaeus University
Ms Larsson is Deputy Vice Chancellor at Linnaeus University with a responsibility for Internationalization, Innovation and Collaboration, including international and national cooperation within research and education and strategic partnerships with companies and organizations.  

She holds a number of positions in company boards, review committees and network organizations, with a focus on cooperation with academia and companies. Ms Larsson is board member of European Universities for Well Being EUniWell, an EU strategic initiative within European Universities Initiative. She is also a board member for ISEP International Student Exchange Program, a US based non-profit organization for student exchange. 

Her research areas are related to environmental science with a focus on air pollution and chemical process engineering. She has worked more than 25 years in industry and experience from industry involving research on flue gas cleaning processes with both national and international experience