Eva Bojner Horwitz


Karolinska Institutet & Royal College of Music

Areas of strength for your university: Music & Health, Social sustainability, Social medicine

Areas of potential collaboration for your university: Music & Health, Social sustainability, Arts & Humanities, Enriched learning
Dr Eva Bojner Horwitz, professor of music and health at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm & Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Karolinska Institute (KI). She is specialized in psychosomatic medicine and the creative arts; co-founder of the Center for Social Sustainability (CSS), KI and anchored in interdisciplinary research, combining quantitative (stress hormone analyses, heart rate variability and flow) with qualitative research, has doctoral students, authored scientific articles (ResearchGate), books and book chapters (i.e. Oxford University Press & Springer Books & Routledge).