Jörgen Sjöberg

Director International Affairs

Chalmers University of Technology

Areas of strength for your University: Nano technology, materials science, life science, entrepreneurship, mobility, built environment, ICT/AI

Areas of potential collaboration for your University: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Life Science, ICT/AI
An a member of the President's team, Dr Sjöberg is responsible for international relations . As such, he coordinates Chalmers involvement in strategic university alliances, gives policy advice to the university management and represents Chalmers in several international associations. Dr Sjöberg is often involved in Sweden’s concerted international actions, contributing with a perspective from a leading engineering university. Dr Sjöberg has broad expertise and experience from the evolving European ambitions to formulate a European Research Area and a European Education Area, and the relation of the EU initiatives to global engagement. His own international experience includes positions in Russia and France.

Dr Sjöberg's research background is in materials science, particularly solid state chemistry and crystallography.