Paul Pettersson


Mälardalen University

Areas of strength for your University: Embedded Systems, Future Energy, Innovation and Product Realization

Areas of potential collaboration for your University: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Embedded Systems, Future Energy, Innovation and Product Realization, Educational Science and Mathematics, Health and Welfare, Industrial Economics and Organization
Paul Pettersson is Professor of Real-time Systems (Computer Science) at Mälardalen University. He was Vice-Chancellor of Mälardalen University 2016 to 2022, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor 2012 to 2016. Paul's research interests include modeling, analysis, formal verification and testing of timed systems, and artificial intelligence. Paul is co-founder of several research tools and three startup companies, and he received the CAV Award in 2013 "For developing UPPAAL which is the foremost tool suite for the automated analysis and verification of real-time systems.". Paul has served on several boards of companies, science parks, and governmental authorities. He is currently chairman of the boards of the R&D companies MainlyAI and UPPAAL International. Paul Pettersson lives in Palo Alto, CA.