Paul Whitney

Associate Vice President for International Programs

Washington State University

Areas of strength for your University: Health, Neuroscience, Plant Sciences, Power Systems Engineering

Areas of potential collaboration for your University:​​​​​​​ Community Health, Power Sytems Engineering, Interdisciplary approaches to innovation
Dr. Whitney serves as the Associate Vice President for International Programs at Washington State University, the Executive Director of the Health Equity Research Center, and a Professor of Psychology. In International Programs Dr. Whitney works to help build partnerships to increase the university’s global impact. As a Center Director he has worked to build a trans-disciplinary network of scholars who are addressing the social determinants of health with the goal of enhancing health equity regionally and globally. As a scientist, Dr. Whitney is actively engaged in studying how sleep deprivation and stress cause breakdowns in attention, memory, and decision making. Dr. Whitney is part of multidisciplinary teams with more than $10M in current grant funding.