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Knowledge Exchange & Talent Mobility

SIREUS, a collaboration project between SACC-USA and 13 Swedish universities, focuses on knowledge exchange in innovation, science, entrepreneurship, and increasing talent mobility for students and researchers between Sweden and the U.S.

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About the project

City Hall in StockholmCity Hall in Stockholm
City Hall in Stockholm

A platform to increase talent mobility and knowledge exchange between Sweden and the U.S.

For researchers, companies, students and innovators
With increased global competition and an accelerating pace of innovation, attracting skilled talent becomes ever more important to secure long-term economic growth. A skilled workforce can be achieved through domestic education, by attracting foreign talent, or by individuals studying abroad or gaining knowledge in another country.

Happenings at SIREUS

Chalmers and Penn State collaborate with Global Student Team Projects

August 9th, 2023

Today, global cooperation between universities is vital to ensure knowledge exchange between students and to conduct cutting-edge research in various fields. International university cooperation also fosters innovation and helps address global challenges collectively. SIREUS’ member, Chalmers University of Technology, and affiliate, Pennsylvania State University, have implemented a Global Student Team concept that allows engineering students from the US and Sweden to collaborate on industry projects.
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Internship opportunities at SIREUS Spring 2024!

Each semester SIREUS welcomes interns from our Swedish member universities. We offer internships within marketing, event & communications and project management that give students and young professionals the opportunity to get hands on experience within their chosen field of study. Immerse yourself in America's capital city, where history, innovation, and culture converge. 


May 31st, 2023

Last week, the SIREUS MEMBERS forum was hosted together with our Swedish Member Universities. The event took place in conjunction with NAFSA in Washington, D.C. and was hosted on the rooftop of the House of Sweden. It was an unforgettable evening of networking and collaboration.