Dakota State University

Dakota State University buildingDakota State University building

What is your university all about? 

Dakota State University was established in 1881 as a teacher training institution. In 1984, DSU’s mission changed to include technology in all majors. Faculty embraced this directive, creating new curriculum for existing programs, developing new programs of study, and adding undergraduate and graduate degrees. We are now a rising, special-focus STEM university, poised to impact not only South Dakota, but the world, through our distinctive teaching, innovative research, outreach programs, and workforce development efforts.  

Which is your university’s biggest area of strength?  

DSU's mission is to prepare cyber-savvy graduates in all programs of study, from the arts and sciences to information systems and technology majors. As an example, all our education majors graduate with a technology endorsement. Also, DSU is one of 10 institutions in the country with three distinctions from the U.S. National Security Agency as a Center of Academic Excellence, in cyber defense, cyber operations, and cyber research. This environment encourages all students to achieve their full potential, and these individuals will be lifelong learners, problem solvers, innovators, and leaders, living lives of positive purpose and consequence.  

Why is international cooperation important for your university? 

As technology drives globalization, DSU students and faculty need to be aware of new ideas and different ways of accomplishing success in all fields. This is one reason we initiated a partnership with AI Sweden, and became part of the Edge Learning Consortium. By developing these types of international partnerships, Dakota State will be able to increase the prospects for our students and researchers. These connections will also expand opportunities for distinctive impacts made by our innovative graduates, bringing DSU contributions to an international stage.  

Why is your affiliation with SIREUS important for your university? 

SIREUS affiliation will pave the way for Dakota State to build global bridges. From collaborations with groups such as AI Sweden, Dakota State and other institutions can mutually benefit through elevated student learning and successes in the classroom, applied research developments in all fields, and opportunities in private, public, and governmental workplaces of the future.  

What is the most important aspect to achieve from the SIREUS Affiliation program? 

DSU has a two-fold expectation in the SIREUS program. Students, researchers, graduates, and faculty will stay on the cutting-edge of technology, aware of the newest ideas in any field, but also be able to bring Dakota State innovations to the world, ideas created by our academics and researchers.  

Why should students, researchers and faculty spend time at your university?  

DSU has established a reputation as an innovative, entrepreneurial, and resilient institution, but students appreciate that this nationally-recognized education is packaged in a small school environment, providing students with the assistance and encouragement they need to succeed. Dakota State will continue to rise through the successes of our students and graduates, our growing efforts in applied research, achievements in athletics, and deep engagement with our stakeholders.  

What can you tell us about life outside your university? 

Dakota State is located in Madison, South Dakota, a city that has a small-town feel, yet offers a range of shopping and dining options, a robust manufacturing center, reputable healthcare system, thriving K-12 schools, and a full-service community recreational center open to students and area residents. Located between two glacial lakes, residents can enjoy world-class outdoor activities year-round. A short 45-minute drive away is the larger metropolitan area of Sioux Falls, S.D., offering additional retail options as well as concerts and sporting events.  


Web: https://dsu.edu/
Phone: 605-256-5112
Address: 820 N Washington Ave, Madison, SD 57042