Linköping University

Linköping University buildingLinköping University building

What is your university all about?

Linköping University, LiU, is a public university ranked among the top 2% in the world. With four campuses in three cities the university offers innovative educational programs and single-subject courses as well as world-leading boundary-crossing research. The university has close collaboration with other organizations, from local to international levels and with many types of partners.

Why is international cooperation important for your university?

LiU´s research, education and collaboration already take place in a global context. To continue to increase the quality of education, research and collaboration it is of great importance to further deepen and extend international cooperation.

Why is your involvement with SIREUS important for your university?

The US is a prioritized geographical region where it is important for LiU to further develop a broad and deep commitment and collaboration within academia as well as with other organizations.

What is the most important aspect of the SIREUS project for your university?

To increase presence and visibility with the purpose to further strengthen and increase the quality of LiU´s research, education and collaboration as well as attract talents to LiU. 

Why should students, researchers and faculty spend time at Mid Sweden University?

In close collaboration with the business world and society, LiU conducts boundary-crossing research in various fields. In the same spirit, LiU offers many educational programs. International rankings consistently place LiU as a leading global university.

What can you tell us about life outside your university?

LiU’s three main campuses are located in the region of Östergötland in the cities of Linköping and Norrköping. Linköping is Sweden’s fifth largest city with a well-developed business sector but also the charm of a smaller town. Slightly smaller, Norrköping has a lively cultural scene, including lots of live music venues. There is a vibrant student life in both cities. The region Östergötland is interesting from a historical point of view, offers a variety of possibilities for recreation activities and is home to several internationally well-known companies


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