Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University buildingLinnaeus University building

What is your university all about?

We set knowledge in motion for a sustainable societal development. Linnaeus is a university where knowledge grows. We are an international university in Småland. Over the last ten years, we have established Linnaeus University as a creative knowledge environment. We are now ready to continue building on this to realise our ambitious goals in an environment characterised by our basic principles: curiosity, creativity, companionship and utility.
In order to set knowledge in motion for a sustainable societal development the following is required:
  • Innovative academic knowledge creation
  • Sustainable excellence
  • Culture and common ways of working
Linnaeus University is located in the heart of Swedish entrepreneurship, in Småland. It’s the very county where IKEA was founded, as well as a major player within the wood industry, Södra. That’s something we’ve been taking advantage of by creating a close collaboration with both parties. In addition to its entrepreneurship, Småland is also known for its rich nature.

Why is international cooperation important for your university?

Linnaeus University strives to be one of the leaders nationally when it comes to internationalisation and it offers teachers, researchers and students’ rich opportunities to gain international experience. All co-workers and students should have the opportunity to establish lasting international contacts with the aim of maintaining diversity and contributing to sustainable development. Our knowledge environment stimulates openness and promotes exchanges of knowledge between different countries, cultures, ages and scientific disciplines.

Why is your involvement with SIREUS important for your university?

All the respective focus areas of SIREUS are important for Linnaeus as a way of securing the competence needs for tomorrow and promote Sweden as a nation of knowledge where Linnaeus is an important actor.

What is the most important aspect of the SIREUS project for your university?

A joint Swedish venture to attract, develop and retain talent is a venture where Linnaeus wants to be involved. To strengthen collaboration for students, trainees and researchers in both directions will be important to us

Why should students, researchers and faculty spend time at Linnaeus University?

Linnaeus University is an international university with more than 50 programmes offered in English within a range of different subjects. We combine the highest possible quality in education and research with the demands and needs of both the surrounding community and our students. Education that helps you make a difference in the world.

What can you tell us about life outside your university?

A university in two nature-loving cities.
Kalmar – the student city by the sea
The city of Kalmar is located on the coast, something Linnaeus University recently took advantage of by building new university buildings right by the harbour, to gather the university in one place. As the harbour is found in the city centre, students can go about their daily business downtown and fill the city with the buzz of activity. Kalmar has roughly 65,000 inhabitants and a long history dating back to the Middle Ages – which will not go unnoticed as the majestic Kalmar Castle lies just a few hundred metres from campus. The city has been voted “Sweden’s Summer city” more than once, perhaps thanks to the many days of sunshine, the beaches dotted around town, and the events and concerts.
Växjö – a living campus
Everything on campus in Växjö is within five minutes’ walking distance – student accommodation, classrooms, the library, restaurants and pubs, lakes and leisure facilities. Campus is full of life and energy and is a natural meeting place for all students and interests. Växjö has about 90,000 inhabitants and has been declared “the Greenest city in Europe” because of the environmentally-sound solutions implemented. The name Växjö literally means “the city of lakes”, which is something that doesn’t go unnoticed as one of the many lakes is found right next to campus. Combined with the surrounding woods, it becomes the perfect place for walking and jogging.


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