Michigan Technological University

Michigan Tech Sunset in HaughtonMichigan Tech Sunset in Haughton

What is your university all about?

Michigan Technological University is a public research university founded in 1885 in Houghton, Michigan, and is home to more than 7,000 students from 55 countries around the world. Consistently ranked among the best universities in the country for return on investment, Michigan’s flagship technological university offers more than 120 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in science and technology, engineering, computing, forestry, business and economics, health professions, humanities, mathematics, social sciences, and the arts. The rural campus is situated just miles from Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, offering year-round opportunities for outdoor adventure.

Which is your university’s biggest area of strength?

Michigan Tech is committed to the transformative power of STEM education. Our eight Colleges and Schools develop, apply, and communicate science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. Gifted faculty guide motivated students in rigorous studies through individualized experiences in deep engagement, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. From bring-your-own-device active learning classrooms to arts and humanities curriculum, we accelerate creativity, cultural competency, and critical thinking. The investment in a Michigan Tech education pays off for our students, who are valued by employers and industry worldwide.

Why is international cooperation important for your university?

Since our founding in 1885, Michigan Tech has served as a global resource for emerging industries and world-changing discoveries. Our mission to create solutions for society’s challenges relies on collaborative partnerships with the global community to deliver action-based undergraduate and graduate education, discover new knowledge through research, and launch new technologies through innovation. We partner with international teams across every continent. We explore energy justice policies in the Arctic, delve into the depths of newly discovered lakes in Antarctica, and investigate bioenergy across the Americas. Our experts in volcanology, earthquakes, and astronomy/physics are core members of essential international networks. From Engineers Without Borders to our Pavlis Honors College Global Leadership Pathway, we continually seek partnerships with those around the world who share our vision to improve the quality of life and promote mutual respect and equity for all people within the global community.

Why is your affiliation with SIREUS important for your university?

Michigan Tech’s initiatives to positively impact the natural world, human/social world, digital world, and designed/built world are enhanced by vibrant and valuable connections to innovators and thought leaders around the globe. Joining the SIREUS platform to increase talent mobility and knowledge exchange with Sweden offers an exciting new means to accomplish our shared goals.

What is the most important aspect to achieve from the SIREUS Affiliation program?

SIREUS provides a comprehensive approach to fostering collaboration between Sweden and the United States that encompasses research, education, and innovation. With the SIREUS platform facilitating these interactions, we expect to expand our research and educational collaborations with Swedish institutions. SIREUS could also serve as a network for larger consortium projects with multiple partners working across disciplines to address complex yet shared global challenges.

Why should students, researchers and faculty spend time at your university?

From our breathtaking surroundings to exceptional research opportunities that begin at the undergraduate level, Michigan Tech inspires lasting connections, the highest levels of academic achievement, and social values such as leadership and accountability. Our engaged community actively seeks improvement through acceptance and understanding. We inspire world-class scholarship through academics and research. Our graduates explore new possibilities through innovative use of skills and knowledge. And we encourage students, researchers, faculty, and staff to boldly challenge notions of what’s impossible while serving others.

What can you tell us about life outside your university?

Michigan Tech is located on the Keweenaw Peninsula, which extends into Lake Superior from the northwest shore of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Like the rest of our community, Michigan Tech Huskies enjoy spending time in nature, from hiking and biking the hundreds of miles of forested recreation trails to hunting for agates on pristine Lake Superior beaches or hitting the slopes on our very own ski hill. The color show put on by our forests every autumn is almost as breathtaking as the northern lights. History and technological advancement merge in Michigan Tech’s home base, the City of Houghton, consistently voted one of America’s most friendly and attractive small towns.


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