University of Gothenburg

Gothenburg University main buildingGothenburg University main building

What is your university all about?

The University of Gothenburg, located on the West Coast of Sweden, is a multidisciplinary university that dates to 1891. 56 000 students and 6 600 employees make the University of Gothenburg one of the largest higher education institutions in Northern Europe.

Why is international cooperation important for your university?

The University of Gothenburg is an innovative and creative university with a great breadth in research and education - the subject areas span from the performing arts to medicine. The university offers around 650 courses and 80 programs in English and attract students and scientists from around the world. The international cooperation, through students, researchers and international networks, is an important and increasing part of our daily work, crucial to solve the major challenges facing the world.

Why is your involvement with SIREUS important for your university?

The University of Gothenburg has a wide range of well-established research and educational collaborations with US universities. SIREUS is a way to enhance existing partnerships and explore new one’s in order to strengthen the quality of our research and education.

What is the most important aspect of the SIREUS project for your university?

The initial reason for joining SIREUS was to strengthen ties to Swedish companies in the US and enable for students to combine exchange studies with internship possibilities. An important part of the project is also to promote Gothenburg as a comprehensive and attractive study destination for incoming American students.

Why should students, researchers and faculty spend time at the University of Gothenburg?

The University of Gothenburg is a sustainable and globally responsible university, with strong research, attractive study programs and highly appreciated welcome services. Throughout the organization, there is a strong sense of openness, and a spirit of equality and independent thinking. We pride ourselves on providing a stimulating academic environment for incoming students, with classroom discussions and direct dialogue with professors. The University actively participates in the public debate and interacts with the surrounding society through continuous dialogues and knowledge exchange, nationally and internationally.

What can you tell us about life outside your university?

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and successfully combines the attraction of a truly cosmopolitan city with the charm of a small town. The city is well known for its friendly locals and laid-back atmosphere, making it relatively easy for newcomers to blend in. The university is situated in the city center, ensuring that it adds to the city's vibrant energy. Restaurants, cafés, shops, beautiful parks and a stunning archipelago is just around the corner.


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