Washington State University

WSU Campus in PullmanWSU Campus in Pullman

What is your university all about? 

Washington State University is a public university system of five physical campuses and one virtual campus, plus extension offices across the state, with a common commitment to educational access, cutting edge scholarship, and outreach that benefits communities locally and globally.  With nearly 30,000 students and over $350M in research funding annually, WSU is one of the leading comprehensive land grant universities in the U.S. 

Which is your university’s biggest area of strength? 

Pioneering research in clean energy, sustainable agriculture, and interdisciplinary approaches to improving human health are exemplary areas of WSU’s strength. But what ties all this together is our commitment to deeply involve students of all levels in scholarly inquiry. 

Why is international cooperation important for your university? 

As articulated in our system strategic plan, every aspect of our teaching, research, and outreach mission has global implications, and our global impact in addressing the biggest challenges can only be realized through international cooperation.  

Why is your affiliation with SIREUS important for your university? 

Our SIREUS affiliation will build on existing collaborations in Sweden, and other countries in the region, to enhance knowledge exchange and sharing of talent among universities and with the private sector.  

What is the most important aspect to achieve from the SIREUS Affiliation program? 

Our highest hope for the SIREUS affiliation is to build enduring relationships, at the university and industry levels, but also among individual students and faculty who will work together in lasting ways to change the world for the better. 

Why should students, researchers and faculty spend time at your university?  

We are deeply committed, at each of our campuses, to a community spirit in which students and faculty can contribute to globally impactful work in a welcoming and supportive environment in which even short-term visitors become part of the Cougar Family. 

What can you tell us about life outside your university? 

From our flagship campus in Pullman, the classic college town environment, to our urban locations in Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Spokane, and Everett, you will always be near incredible natural beauty embedded in a safe, welcoming culture.  


Web: https://ip.wsu.edu/
Phone: +1 509-335-2541
Address: WSU International Programs 
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