Linköping University

Individual plan

Here, you can find your university's individual plan in the SIREUS project. This includes which areas of the U.S. you want to establish contact with, what thematic areas you want to find collaborations within and what you wish to acheive with your membership in the project.

What American universities/regions does your university want to focus on?

Mostly the Bay Area. Since LiU is a big university with a lot of different areas of study we are interested in most geographic areas in the U.S.

More contact with California and Ivy League Universities within the thematic areas Digital transformation and Green transition.

What areas of research does your university want to focus on?

When it comes to research collaborations, LiU wants more contact with the Bay Area. No specific areas of research as research collaborations are based so much on the spontaneous relationships that are created between researchers and that cannot be controlled from us.

Within these collaborations, we would like to prioritize the following commitments/activities ex-jobs that can be connected to the end of a master's education. 

Areas of interest are: Digital transformation and Green transition.

How does your university want to work with innovation?


What else do you wish to acheive with the SIREUS project?