Mid Sweden University

Individual plan

Here, you can find your university's individual plan in the SIREUS project. This includes which areas of the U.S. you want to establish contact with, what thematic areas you want to find collaborations within and what you wish to acheive with your membership in the project.

What American universities/regions does your university want to focus on?

More focus on thematic areas than geographic ones.

Universities or areas with similar areas (outside the metropolitan regions) are of interest. Competence supply is difficult in northern Sweden - are there American universities with similar difficulties.

What areas of research does your university want to focus on?

FSCN – a lot of focus on the forest industry, forest research, new materials from wood and paper that can replace other materials like plastics and help replace products like batteries

STC – internet of things, ai and electronics.

How does your university want to work with innovation?


What else do you wish to acheive with the SIREUS project?